When all seems lost, love saves the day!

When all seems lost, love saves the day!

 Love by Chance narrates a story of a guy who finds love when it was the last thing on his mind 


When all seems lost and there isn’t a slightest flicker of hope, love becomes the only source of happiness. This week, the show tells a tale of two strangers, who are facingthe same problem and are brought together by fate. The love they share is the only thing that brings excitement and encouragement, in their otherwise wry lives. Love by Chancenarrates an amusing story of how Rishi and Arundhati bumped into each otherand actually changed each others’ lives.

In order to become independent and earn his own keep, Rishi’s only aim is to find a job as he can’t bear to spend even a day more at his father’s sari shop. On the parallel side, Arundhati is also trying to figure out a means of earning a few bucks. Fortunately, Rishi lands up with a job at a mobile network company but all good things come with a price. He ends up working for an old college mate -Avinash who makes his job a nightmare due to past grudges

While trying to keep up with this, Rishi comes across Arundhati who becomes a silver lining to his dark cloudy days. Being a customer to the company he works for, the two interact on a daily basis, but will the two come together for a fairytale romance? Anddoes Rishi successfully put his foot down to the nasty Avinash?

To find out, do not miss Love by Chance on 5th July, 2014 at 7pm, exclusively on bindass