Akash and Pallavi decide to share family responsibilities in Sony SAB’s “Aangan Aapno Kaa”

Akash and Pallavi decide to share family responsibilities in Sony SAB’s “Aangan Aapno Kaa”

Sony SAB’s ‘Aangan Aapno Kaa’ continues to captivate audiences with the heartfelt narrative of Jaidev Sharma (Mahesh Thakur), a devoted single father, and his unbreakable bond with his three daughters. In recent episodes, Pallavi (Ayushi Khurana), along with Akash (Samar Vermani) and her family, find themselves trapped in a hotel hijacked by terrorists. The unfolding drama takes a tense turn when Akash, in an attempt to protect Pallavi, gets shot.

After facing these challenging times, Akash and Pallavi will finally tie the knot in the upcoming episodes. However, their marriage comes with a unique condition – a commitment to sharing responsibilities equally between both families. The couple decides on an innovative approach, spending 15 days at each other’s houses and shouldering the responsibilities of both families equally. As this unique arrangement is sure to bring its share of ups and downs, viewers can anticipate the unfolding drama in Pallavi and Akash’s life as they navigate the delicate balance between both families. It will also be interesting to see how Akash’s family will react to this arrangement.

Samar Vermani, who plays the role of Akash says, “Initially, Akash was hesitant about Pallavi’s proposal of staying with both families, but later when he realised the significance of shared responsibility in a relationship, he agreed. Personally too, I believe that if a woman can leave her home to live with her husband, why can’t a man do the same? Akash and Pallavi are trying to highlight the need for equal responsibilities within families, and this upcoming track surely promises an intriguing storyline.”

Ayushi Khurana, who plays the role of Pallavi says, “Pallavi’s primary concern has always been her father and who will take care of him in her absence. As a modern-day woman, she believes that in today’s world, both men and women can contribute to their families responsibilities and share them equally. This storyline will question why women should alter their priorities after marriage, emphasising their capability to care for both families. The track aims to convey a powerful message, and I’m excited to see how viewers react to this unique arrangement.”

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