What’s common between Alia, Parineeti, Vidya and Sonam?

What’s common between Alia, Parineeti, Vidya and Sonam?

The Bollywood damsels Alia, Parineeti, Vidya and Sonam were spotted on Niranjan Iyengar’s ALL ACCESS, ALL REVEALING talk show, Look Who’s Talking. Niranjan being himself instantly put them at ease where they all got candid. The show is slated to debut during the first week of August on Zee Café. Here’s a little something for you to look forward to from Look Who’s Talking.


We all know that Alia Bhatt is daddy’s little girl. Apart from being her biggest fan, he is also a very possessive father. So in her interview with Niranjan, Alia revealed that he believes no man will ever be good enough for her. All the love and luxury he showers on Alia, no man could match up to that. Wonder what Alia’s recent alleged boyfriend has to say about this? She went to further spilling the beans on her phobias.Like most of us, Alia too, has phobias. But we’re sure none of us suffer from this one – phobia of plants!


Parineeti Chopra sure has made her own place in Bollywood, but cannot seem to afford one in the city of Bombay. After having worked in the industry for 2 years, the 25 year old said that she still cannot afford to buy a house of her choice. Let’s hope that with a few more blockbuster films under her belt, she’ll be able to get exactly what she’s looking for.

No one pulls off the ’I am what I am attitude’ better than Vidya Balan. Riding high on the success of her past hits, there is no conforming Vidya to act the way other Bollywood celebs do. She was faced with a lot of rejection initially and still continues to receive criticism about her weight; she’s far from caring about that now.


Here’s something surprising from Sonam Kapoor. The fashionista revealed that she once wanted to be a writer. She also said that she is pretty scared of being herself, so she seeks solace in acting as it allows her to be a completely different individual. 

Want to know more? Make sure to catch the all new series, Look Who’s Talking on Zee Café.