TYG-2 ‘Tom Yum Goong 2’ in 3D – Rollicking non stop action Dhamaka….

TYG-2 ‘Tom Yum Goong 2’ in 3D

                     Rollicking non stop action Dhamaka….

Film : TYG- 2 – Film Review

Director : Prachya Pinkaew

Cast : Tony Jaa, Yanin Vismitananda, & Marrese Crump

Genre : Action Thriller

Rating :

Having watched the Masters of the Martial Arts Genre like Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Jet Lee and the likes of them, this TYG – 2, caper appears quite action packed but lacks the punch and the touch of class. Despite that some mind blowing stunts on motor bikes and daringly shot and executed scenes in the lanes, by lanes and terraces of the Dharavi of Bangkok is eye catching and keeps you on tenterhooks. But the only give away point is that all the characters appear boneless, because no matter how hard they are hit and beaten they resurface again to continue the non stop bang bang, business of eliminating each other.  This film does keep you on hook most of the time and the main leads of Tony Jaa, Vismitananda and Marrese Crump do keep you engaged for the game of action oriented fight sequences that never seem to end. There is no logic and don’t search for any reasoning, because there is none. At the most just relish the Action Wala Video game you would have loved to play, being recreated  on the big celluloid screen.

No questions asked and no questions answered.

Camera work is quite up to the mark & all the marks for wonderful execution in 3D format which appears really great and in the face. Background Sound Effects and Editing are also very defining and astute.

Sequel of 2005’s international blockbuster ‘Tom Yum Goong’,

The Thai martial arts film starring Tony Jaa, Yanin Vismitananda, and Marrese Crump is shot in 3D and reunites the highly acclaimed director Prachya Pinkaew with star Tony Jaa and action choreographer Panna Rittikrai. Lovers of Action packed martial arts franchise are in for a game of fun and some unbelievable stunts which are indeed a visual treat.

‘Tom Yum Goong 2’ is being released across India on Jan 17 by Manish Chanda’s Adhiraj Media & Entertainment.