&TV launches a socio-thriller with Kuldeepak

&TV launches a socio-thriller with Kuldeepak

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Kya ek maa ki mamta bana paayegi ek shaitan ko insaan

Premieres this March 27th and will air every

Monday – Friday at 7.00 pm only on &TV 

Foraying in a genre less explored, &TV presents Kuldeepak – a poignant story of a mother who is faced with the challenge of transforming her child who is a reincarnation of an evil force. A mother is known to nurture her child and inculcate good values and ethics to make him the best version of himself. But what happens when the child is a manifestation of an evil soul. How will she protect her child and how far will she go to bring out the good in him? It’s not the end of her journey but the test of her unconditional love, grit and determination. Starring Kirti Nagpure and little Vansh Maheshwari in key roles, the socio thriller premiersMarch 27th every Monday-Friday at 7.00 pm only on &TV.

Produced by Shobhna Desai Productions, Kuldeepak unfolds with Vidya (Kirti Nagpure), who belongs to a traditional Gujarati family, expecting her first child Chirag (Vansh Maheshwari). While the entire family awaits the arrival of the little one, there is an evil force who has identified Vidya’s womb to be born again. Thus, begins the struggle of a mother who is faced with a challenge of changing her son from a Shaitaan to Insaan. She may falter at times as his intentions grow stronger but will she give up her battle? Will her unconditional love help overpower the evil force and bring out the goodness in him?

Kirti Nagpure and Shradul Pandit at the launch of &TV's Kuldeepak

Speaking about her character, the beautiful Kirti Nagpure shared, “A mother’s love and affection towards her child is unconditional and it’s an extremely relatable emotion. Kuldeepak highlights this very emotion with its unique concept designed around the relationship of a mother and child. As artists, we thrive to play powerful roles across genres and I am glad that a character as strong as Vidya has come my way. She will go to any length to protect and transform her child from a negative force to a good soul. I consider myself lucky to get an opportunity to portray such a strong character which will not just entertain but inspire audiences.”

Vansh Maheshwari at the launch of &TV's Kuldeepak

Set against the backdrop of Rajkot, the show brings together an ensemble cast that includes names like Shardul Pandit, Raju Kher, Sanyogita Bhave, Samir Rajda, Mansi Patel amongst others in key roles.

Ek vinash ko diya jisne janam, wahi karegi nayi mamta ka aarambh!

Tune in to Kuldeepak that premieres on 27th March, and will air every Monday-Friday at 7.00 pm only on &TV