Tune in/ highlight- Sony Entertainm​ent Television (22ndFebru​ary 2012)

Princess Manyata will have a tough time in the palace. Monia will wake up in the morning and will find Aakash’s letter in her breakfast tray. She will be very excited to see it and will open it to read. She will get emotional after reading the letter and will promise Aakash and herself that she will win this battle. Monia’s teacher Vijay will give her a task to sing a song. Monia will try hard and will see Udaybeer supporting her. Seeing this Jaynandini will get very upset and will decide to show Aakash’s love letter to everyone in the family.

Will Rajmata get angry with Monia?

Watch the drama unfold only on Dekha Ek Khwaab on Sony Entertainment television on 22nd February 2012