Tune in/ highlight- Sony Entertainm​ent Television (11th January 2011)

Drama continues between Monia and Udaybeer in Dekha Ek Khwaab. In tonight’s episode  Monia will be seen texting Aakash secretly and Uday will catch her. Uday will snatch her phone and give a warning.  Monia will get extremely aggressive and will start abusing Uday. Rajmata will hear this commotion and loose her temper at Monia because of her behavior. Rajmata will also warn Monia to start  treating Uday with respect as they are about to get married. Rajmata will also ask  Monia to apologize to Uday for her unkind behavior!

‘J’ and Vijay on the other hand will see this drama and ‘J’ will yet again try playing games with Monia.

Will Monia fall prey to her plan? What will be Uday’s next step to harass Monia?

Watch the drama unfold only on Dekha Ek Khwaab on Sony Entertainment television on 11th January 2012