TIMES NETWORK launches its second English General News Channel – Mirror NOW

TIMES NETWORK launches its second English General News Channel – Mirror NOW

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Mirror NOW is being launched on the erstwhile Magicbricks Now platform


TIMES NETWORK, a part of India’s largest media conglomerate, The Times Group, on Wednesday launched its second English General News Channel – Mirror NOW. The channel will serve the expanding universe of National English Audience which is seeing growth on account of increased awareness of socio-economic issues and rapid digitization. Mirror NOW is a differentiated offering which will highlight issues that impact our daily lives. The channel will attempt to cover subjects like Crime, Women’s safety, Traffic woes and civic issues such as Cleanliness, Health, Environment, Power, Water etc., to make India a better place to live.  The channel is being launched on the erstwhile Magicbricks Now platform which is already well distributed on all leading Cable and Satellite networks. This will give the new channel a major head start in this highly competitive space.

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Commenting on the occasion, M K Anand MD & CEO TIMES NETWORK said “Delivering India’s number 1 English news channel – TIMES NOW, for the last decade or so, has given us invaluable and incomparable experience and infrastructure that we believe has the capacity to produce more. And the News flow that this nation of 1.3 billion produces is impossible to contain in one linear stream. Hence, our second offering — Mirror NOW. The tone and style and result focused journalistic approach will be the same as TIMES NOW. I think there is room for differentiated segments within National News to deliver another winner.”

 Rahul Shivshankar, Chief Editor, TIMES NOW said, “As a network that caters to 100 million urban affluent viewers in India, it was important for us to diversify our channel offering and content. With the heavy news flow and emergence of new political and economic centres there was a teething need to launch a new channel to cater to this segment. We want to provide rich and in-depth content to our viewers and hence our new offering – Mirror NOW. With this channel we aim to strengthen our position as the leading English Broadcast Network and continue to inform, engage and inspire our audience.”

Faye D’Souza, Senior Editor, Mirror NOW added “With Mirror NOW, the focus will be on citizens and their choice for differentiated content. Mirror NOW will cultivate a loyal viewership with news that affects citizens’ day-to-day lives. The channel and our flagship show, ‘The Urban Debate’, will shine an uncomfortable spotlight on apathy, inefficiency and corruption that is the root cause of most problems we face as Indians today. ‘The Urban Debate’, the emerging platform for raising citizens’ issues will now run on Mirror Now at Prime Time between 8pm and 10pm.”