The Padosis have arrived to ‘Bajane bara’ on Bigg Boss 11

The Padosis have arrived to ‘Bajane bara’ on Bigg Boss 11

Shilpa and Vikas fighting in Bigg Boss 11

A bad neighbor is a misfortune as much as a good one is a blessing; For the gharwales – it is time to test this theory as the padosis will finally come face to face with the other contestants in the main Bigg Boss House.

On the other side, the unsuspecting contestants continue with their daily shenanigans. The enmity between Shilpa and Vikas seems to be getting fiercer by the day with Shilpa admitting that she will ensure that Vikas’ life is as miserable in the house as it can possibly be. In a fit of rage, Vikas throws an egg on the kitchen floor and refuses to clean it up. His rising temper further adds fuel to the fire – leading to everyone turning against him.

Padosi entering the main house in Big Boss 11

Staying true to the Monday blues, there is a nomination process in the offing. All contestants are tasked to run a propaganda campaign to gain votes from the rest of the gharwales, who have the power to cast a single vote. The one with the least votes is nominated for eviction. But surprise surprise! It doesn’t end there, the padosis are given a special power to nominate a contestant as their choice for the weekend eviction.

In a final turn of events, the padosis finally find their way to the Bigg Boss House. Going beyond their role of being mere spectators, Luv Tyagi, Mehjabi Siddiqui, Sabyasachi Satapathy and Lucinda Nicholas will finally lead the life of a contestant. However, they have to continue pretending to be bound by a family tie; a story they have rehearsed since their time in thepadosi house.
With 4 more contestants added to the Bigg Boss House, how will the rest of the contestants react to this sudden change?

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