The housemates get spooked out with the Bhoot Bangla Task

The housemates get spooked out with the Bhoot Bangla Task


The housemates wake up to the song ‘Óley Oley’ which is literally in tune with Rishabh and Prince’s feelings for Nora. While sipping on their morning tea, the housemates are seen teasing Rishabh with Nora and also mention that she has a soft corner for Prince. On the other hand, Nora is seen having a conversation with Prince where they discuss about the changing equations inside the house. Nora also seeks advice from Prince on dealing with everyone’s temperaments and Prince takes this opportunity to create an impression on her by clearing his side and badmouthing Rishabh.

Day 59 (84

At the same time, the other wild card entrant Giselle is trying her best to get into Mandana’s good books.  Mandana tells Giselle that she needs to watch her words and asks her to mingle around with everyone. Nora brightens up the morning by performing a belly dance for the boys. While Rishabh and Prince are left spellbound by her performance, Suyyash also gets mesmerised by Nora’s charm. Further, Rochelle and Mandana discuss about the two new wildcards entrants Giselle and Nora and are seen accessing their personality traits.  While both find Nora to be very warm and friendly, they express their dislike for Giselle.

Day 59 (26

Later, Bigg Boss announces the luxury budget task for the week ‘Bhoot Bangla’ wherein housemates are divided into two teams ‘Insan’ and ‘Bhoot’.  While the ghosts have to scare the humans and distract them, the humans have to remain unaffected by their act and maintain their cool. Keith is elected to be the sanchalak of the task. The Bigg Boss house garden area is turned into bhoot bangla set up with frightening props and scary flickering lights. Contestants in the ghost team don a scary look all prepared to scare the daylights out of the opposition team. As the task progresses, the spooky quotient catches on and the ghosts begin to annoy humans. Kishwer targets Mandana by irritating her Mandana retaliates and pushes her. Kishwer gets infuriated by Mandana’s aggressiveness and creates a huge ruckus about it. Suyyash gets upset with Mandana for ill-treating Kishwer and blasts out at her.

Day 59 (46)

In the evening, the ghosts decide to take the game to the next level and get scarier than before.  Giselle is tagged as the new feisty member of the house as she gets into an argument with her arch-enemy Rochelle and calls her ‘wannabe Mandana’. Giselle insults Rochelle by calling her a leech clung on to her boyfriend.

Day 59 (50)

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