Sony Entertainm​ent Television (25th March)Kaha​ni Comedy Circus Kii

Kahani Comedy Circus Kii

“Object Special”

Watch out the upcoming episode of Kahani Comedy Circus Kii with an all new theme! Tonight the theme at Kahani Comedy Circus Kii is “Object Special”

Watch out the comedy kings take all on a roller coaster ride of laughter, fun and merriment with some of the funniest acts tonight.

Everyone gets scared about examination papers, but if one has to find a job, he even gets into a tussle with examination papers,

to dekhte hai Kapil examination paper ki kya haalat karta hai, please welcome Kapil as himself and Sumona as examination paper.

So tune in to Kahanii Comedy Circus Kii at 21:00 hours on 25th March only on Sony Entertainment Television