Sheena’s journey from 2010 to 2012!

Sheena’s journey from 2010 to 2012!
Have you ever imagined what it feels like to be on the other side of
the fence? Ever wondered what it feels like to step into another
person’s shoes. Model Sheena Chohan recently had the opportunity to
see it for herself and be part of something from both the sides of the

What Chohan went through were unforgettable moments of a fruitful
journey. She had the opportunity to host, present and be a part of the
beauty pageant “I AM SHE” Miss Universe India 2012, which she had won
in 2011.

Chohan is eternally happy to be part of such an event on a grand
scale. She feels that in life there are multiple moments that
consciously and subconsciously are turning points. This event has been
one such turning point in her life. According to her, the pageant
provided her the opportunity and an occasion to come across people
from different walks of life, across diverse streams and get a fresh
insight into the magic called “Life”. The eventful journey from being
in the shoes of a contestant, then a winner and finally to host such a
grand pageant has been a marvellous experience.

Sheena believes that all this would not have been possible without her
mentor superstar Sushmita Sen or any one of the wonderful people such
as the trainers, stylists, designers & the judges associated with this
experience called

“I Am She, Miss Universe India 2012”