RJ Naman released a New Single – Bata Mujhe !

RJ Naman released a New Single – Bata Mujhe !

RJ Naman-

RJ Naman’s New Single – ‘Bata Mujhe’ available on all streaming platforms speaks about Mental Health!

RJ Naman Says “Bata Mujhe”, In His Latest Single That Addresses Mental Health

Let’s Speak Mental Health through RJ Naman’s Latest Single “Bata Mujhe”
Bata Mujhe, RJ Naman’s Latest Single speaks about mental health RJ Naman’s New Single – ‘Bata Mujhe’ evokes a conversation about mental health.

RJ Naman released his new single – ‘Bata Mujhe’ on 9th October 2020 to celebrate the WORLD MENTAL HEALTH DAY. Breaking the barriers around the tabooed topic of mental health, the song speaks about it loud & clear.
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“In the current times, because of the pandemic, the world has pressed a pause button and we are forced to stay inside the 4 walls with our own demon and inhibitions. This has led a lot of people to spiral into pools of dark thoughts. The song, Bata Mujhe has been written to remind us that sometimes a conversation is all we need,” says RJ Naman.

The video showcases how people suffering from mental health issues shy away from talking about it considering the negative narrative created by the society around the topic. The end result, in the majority of the situations, is a lost life. The end screen of the video says ‘Every suicide is preventable. Reach out for help’, leaving the viewer thinking of the lives one can save by just saying ‘Bata Mujhe’.

RJ Naman

The song is written, composed & sung by RJ Naman himself & produced by  Varun Dhabe.

RJ Naman (25) is an independent singer-songwriter from Nagpur, MH. He lives with the zest to travel the world and sing for whomever possible. RJ Naman derives his roots from two extremes, Traditional Classical Art, and Western Heavy Music. Trained in Carnatic Shastriya Sangeet and with influences from western forms of music, he keeps his songwriting minimalist and focuses on short story-telling. His unorthodox choice of sound and songwriting gives him his distinct sonic atmosphere. His lyrics are very open-ended, therefore, varies interpretations of his music. RJ Naman has released his 1 st Single – Bezaar, a melancholic track about forgiveness.