Shatrughan Sinha hosts Aaj Tak’s Vande Mataram

Shatrughan Sinha hosts Aaj Tak’s Vande Mataram

Aaj Tak, the nation’s No.1 News channel is set to launch the ground breaking series – Vande Mataram, to be hosted by none other than Shatrughan Sinha. Amidst the many untold and forgotten tales of sacrifice, Aaj Tak brings to perspective the selfless struggle for freedom in this series.

The history of the freedom movement was penned by the British. What followed was the story of many freedom fighters getting lost in translation and amended in the midst of the ensuing political environment of the times. A lot of the stories of the freedom fighters not only got modified but also got buried with them. Aaj Tak connects the broken links and puts together the pieces to enlighten our viewers with the truth behind the untold tales of bravery and valour.

Supriya Prasad, Managing Editor of Aaj Tak,  adds, “Though there are films and documentaries made on a select few of the well-known freedom fighters, there is no TV series that is dedicated to the unsung revolutionaries of the freedom struggle. It is Aaj Tak’s honest endeavour to immortalise the martyrs who sacrificed everything for our today.”

MP Shatrughan Sinha, the host of the series and former superstar of the big screen explains, “As we move towards the future it is imperative that we remember our past. Our youth needs to acknowledge the sacrifice to appreciate the value of freedom that they enjoy today. With this series we hope to revolutionise the thinking of our youth by revealing the unheard history”.

Vande Mataram season two will stand true to its name by celebrating the valour and supreme sacrifice of the brave freedom fighters. The new season will also feature India’s struggle for independence which laid the foundation for this world’s biggest democracy .This series will be hosted by veteran bollywood star and parliamentarian Shatrughan Sinha while eminent actor Om Puri will be lending his voice.

When we think of revolutionaries, the picture that comes to mind is of violence and men with guns in hand. But this picture is far from the truth and is only an illusion of Indian revolution. Little do people know that Amar Shaheed Bhagat Singh was an avid reader and by the young age of 24 years he had read all the books of over 34 eminent authors. In addition to his fight for freedom, was also the struggle for the betterment of workers and farmers. If in fact had he really been violent, then he wouldn’t have just thrown a bomb to make only sound and smoke on 8th April 1929 at the Delhi Assembly.

The saga of unprecedented patriotism will feature never seen before footage and promises to bring to life the spirit of the revolutionaries by unveiling the stories of the freedom fighters right from Subhash Chandra Bose, Chandra Shekhar Azad, Bhagat Singh and many more. These stories may not be  unheard but are not the dominating topics of national conscience either. “Vandemaataram Season 2 is an attempt to remind the public of the bravery, courage and sacrifice of these heroes who brought in a new dawn.

The series will be telecast on Aaj Tak every Sat/Sun at 10 pm starting 23rd August