Shabnam Sayed in Kubool Hai !

Shabnam Sayed  in Kubool Hai !

The evil, nasty, Jhumpa, in Zee Tvs new show. Shabnam Sayed aka Surabhi Vanzara joins the cast of  “Kubool Hai”.

It is too soon to talk about the character says the dreamy eyed actress. Shabnam says at this point she is looking forward to playing this layered character.
She is playing the character of a wife and mother in the show. She is first time playing a mother. And she promises her audience that there will be a spin to this mother that they will love. As Jhumpa  she was in for a surprise when instead of hating her character people would come up to her and say that they found her highly entertaining and loved her.
She is looking forward to entertaining the audience once again in Kubool Hai… Oh yes as a wise woman once said ” it is all about … entertainment, entertainment, entertainment….” signs off , the quirky seductress.