Serial “KUL KI JYOTI KANYA” inspired by Aamir Khan`s Satyamev Jayte

Serial “KUL KI JYOTI KANYA” inspired by Aamir Khan`s Satyamev Jayte

Female Foeticide has become a grave matter of concern ever since the issue was voiced on national television. However, it was not the first time that such matters have been raised by Indian television. Prior to this, there have been serials that have raised the similar issue. But the man behind to bring these issues once again in forefront has been Actor Aamir Khan.

Earlier the serials like “Ghar ki Lakshmi Betiyann” and “Betiyan apni yaa paraya dhan” have tried to bring such an issue in limelight. And yet another effort is now being taken by DD which brings a serial “KUL KI JYOTI KANYA”.

The serial which will air from 7th June daily on DD at 12:00 noon 5 days a week is directed by Alok Nath Dixit, a very well-known name specially for Doordarshan serials and is produced by D.S.Productions.

The story of the serial revolves around a male centric family wherein the father wants a male child and disapproves of his daughters. When his wife is pregnant for the third time he gives up the hopes of she giving birth to a boy and throws her out of the house and marries another woman who gives birth to two boys. But with the age the father realizes who the real gem of his life ever was…the daughter whose birth he so ill-favoured ! On the other hand all the miseries in his life are brought by his sons and when he is ill-treated by the sons; his daughters take care of him!

Alok Nath Singh, the Director of the serial says, “I have been associated with DD for many years and so I am a well-known name amongst the DD audience. Serial KUL KI JYOTI KANYA will be yet another treat for the DD audience. And I am confident that it will be hit amongst the audience as it is based on an important and severe issue like Female foeticide.”

The serial is written by Paras Jaiswal. Actors like Gajendra Chauhan, Upasana Singh, Asha Singh, Sahiba, Vijay Bhatia, Amit Pachori, Mallika,Manish Jain, Ramesh Goyal, Suman Gupta ,Anju Rajeev ,Rajesh Tewari and  Charu Wadhwa in the important  roles.