Salman Khan kick-starts Diwali with a dhamakedaar Bigg Boss – Weekend Ka Vaar

Salman Khan kick-starts Diwali with a dhamakedaar Bigg Boss – Weekend Ka Vaar

Salman Khan kick-starts Diwali with a dhamakedaar Bigg Boss – Weekend Ka Vaar


As the second week comes to a close, the conflicting relationship between the celebrities and Indiawale inside the Bigg Boss house has reached to a whole new level. The past week brought about many twists and turns, especially with the Indiawale having to relinquish their rule over the Bigg Boss House and becoming Sevaks to the celebrities. And after a week of many ups and downs, it’s now time for host Salman Khan to usher in the Festival of Lights, Diwali with the housemates. And, in his own inimitable style, Salman will also give the contestants a quick round up of their actions and their consequences.


Kick-starting the festivities in his unique andaaz, Salman Khan dances on the number ‘Prem Leela’ from his blockbuster ‘Prem Ratan Dhan Paayo’. After exchanging Diwali pleasantries with the housemates, he speaks to the contestants through Jio TV questioning them about their behaviour. Starting the conversation on a light note Salman asks Rohan Mehra and Om Swami about their hidden talent. Rohan entertains Salman with his air-guitaring skills to the actor’s chartbusters ‘Oh Oh Jaane Jaana’ and ‘Just Chill’ but Om Swami steals the spotlight with his unique rendition of the song ‘Ye Mera Dil’ from Don.

Post the fun and games, Salman addresses the looming question of unity amongst the celebrities by asking Mona Lisa about her thoughts pertaining to her team’s behaviour towards her. Mona Lisa, on her part, opens up about the cold vibes she gets from her fellow teammates especially Gaurav Chopraa. Salman probes further by speaking to Karan Mehra and Gaurav for not standing up in support of Rohan against the Indiawale during the luxury budget task.


Soon, it is Navin’s turn to take over the Khalnayak Khursi when he is voted to be the biggest villain in the house. In fact, even Navin agrees! Salman interrogates Navin about his shrewd and violent behaviour. When Navin tries to defends his actions, Salman reminds Navin to think about his pupils before misbehaving with his fellow housemates. Adding insult to injury, the Appy Fizz caller of the week put Navin’s integrity on the spot, as he asks Navin on why he wasn’t honest with his fellow housemates regarding the immunity task.

Ending the night on a funny note Salman asks Om Swami about the secret of his telepathic powers and the special bond he shares with the Almighty. Swamiji reveals that his powers have weakened in the Bigg Boss house generating peals from laughter from not only Salman Khan but also the audiences.
With non-stop drama, laughter and entertainment, tonight’s Bigg Boss – Weekend Ka Vaar episode will brighten up the Diwali Weekend for viewers.

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