Rowdy Rathore : Film Review

Film: Rowdy Rathore
Producers: Sanjay Leela Bhanshali & Ronnie Screwwalla
Directed: Prabhu Deva
Cast: Akshay Kumar, Sonakshi Sinha, Nasser.


Akshay’s Comeback Action Hungama!!!

Right at the outset let me warn you that you have watched “Ready”,
Dabaang, Wanted, and most recently Singham and made them the success
they have been. Similarly of the same genre and most of the contents
recycled and characters too some are same faces and others of different
structure and sizes are the makings of Rowdy Rathore. Don’t search for
logic and reasoning and you will be the happiest person sitting through
this full to action rollercoaster of a ride. The first half belongs to Rowdy
Shiva (Akshay Kumar No 1) a small time thug who gets distracted by
good looking girls passing by. And the other belongs to an upright and
commanding IPS officer who plays and lives by the rules of the police force.
Sometimes you wonder, why two Akshay’s and than you easily solve the
puzzle…. Maybe there is too much action, and so one Akshay would not be
enough, so one a small time thug (Shiva), who is equally tough and violent
and brutal comes before interval, so he can conveniently take the place of
the other one Akshay IPS Officer Rathod who is a very strong and equally
lethal and Herculean than his other counterpart. So to keep the action going
they even manage all the Superman stunts, despite getting fatally stabbed
and hit, they jump back into action by some or the other force. Rowdy works
his magic with some action packed musical beats “Chint Ta Ta Chita Chita
stuff and gets back to smash the worst of the baddies and goons double his

size and structure. Akshay displays his flair for action by displaying some
Combat Karate stunts which he trained for this particular character. Nowhere
in the film is the connection between two identical Akshay’s is established
except for the little girl Chinki(Neha), whose picture with one Akshay keeps
the other Akshay on hook till the time he replaces the one in the frame.
There is one villain Nasser a gang lord and his army of baddies and two
Akshay’s fighting him tooth and nail. Paresh Ganatra, Yashpal Sharma,
Gurdeep Kohli have done their bit very convincingly.Sonakshi Sinha as the
heroine has to look charming and beautiful which she does to perfection and
in the two song sequences she proves for sure that she does have eyes and
looks to die for.
Item number shot on Maryam Zakaria, Shakti Mohan, and
Mumaith Khan in the song “Aa Re Pritam Pyare” is not only sexist in its
content and approach but also very raunchily shot. Sajid Wajid may not be
at their best but with the help of Mika again have been able to deliver one
more powerful number in “Chinta Ta Ta Chita Chita”! That one particular
sequence where Akshay, Prabhu Deva and South Superstar Vijay making a
cameo come together is beautifully choreographed and well performed.
It’s an out an out Akshay Kumar 1 & Akshay Kumar 2 and
Prabhu Deva Film. Akshay Kumar has managed his act of Rowdy Shiva
with remarkable ease, and his tough and dominating portrayal of an upright
officer is equally endearing. Akshay who is a health freak is full of power
and energy which he is able to reflect very effortlessly. And such characters
are an easy game for him. His transition to action after full seven years does
not seem to have affected his leanings for action skills.
Rowdy Rathore is a third remake of Ravi Teja Starrer Telugu
film “Vikramarkudu” made in 2006. Prabhu Deva has executed the action
sequences the way he does his dance movements. Mind blowing action
stunts beautifully choreographed and smartly shot. The action sequences are
not only high octane and full blown but at times virtually makes you shift in
your seat. What can you expect with non stop action and some reality and
fantasy rolled into one, kind of action drama!
After the film ends it might happen that either you’ll come back
numb or else fully charged and energized as is the dose of the film. “Full To
Action and Hungama”!!!