Rajesh Khera, after his elimination from the, Survivor India, series has wisened up to what it means to the new definition of friendship. “Yes I am disappointed by my ouster from the show. We all would be if we are expected to do well & fall short. I was sure i was on the right track on Survivor India but was derailed.

He goes on to say, “Every moment in life is a choice. I understand, it’s tough, but i am sure i had it in me. I was assured by Timmy Narang that he is okay with the plan and that he would vote along with us to evict michael . His voting against me came as a bolt from the blue.

Rajesh then went on to blame himself for this situation. “I ought to have been aware of the scheming Timmy who used all his made-up-magnetism to boot me out of the show.  It is the gullible like us who fall prey to such Timmy Narang’s who are most prone to backstabbing you at the opportune moment. Timmy is like the proverbial snake in the grass.

On further probing Rajesh reveals, “I understand that one of us had to go, as per the format of the show. In fact, in our discussion it was pretty clear that it would be Michael who would be eliminated from the series. I took Timmy’s word at face value & am paying a price for my honesty & placing implicit trust in him. I hate being a victim of such dirty politics. It’s  traumatic to learn that Timmy not only betrayed our trust but also back stabbed us by revealing the plan to Michael,harrison,priti and sai.That was absolute treachery & the least one would except in terms of uprightness.

Rajesh, was purged from the show in the February 4 episode after a historic double voting round that had never happened earlier on the gruelling series Survivor India, that tested its participants endurance skills like never before.

A pulsating & historic tie between Michael & Rajesh came forth in a nerve-wracking finish as both got equal votes from the tribe members. It was then left to a second round of voting when Timmy Narang, did a flip-over & chose Michael over Rajesh.Show-watchers vouch for the fact that it was Timmy Narang’s insecurity that led to his voting against Rajesh who bonded greatly with Abhinav whom he saw as a threat.

A restive Rajesh Khera, is still recovering from the conniving ways of the world.