Parvarrish -30th, 31st, July 1st, 2nd August 9:30pm

Parvarrish –30th, 31st,  July 1st, 2nd August 9:30pm


Tentative Synopsis’ 379-382

Episode 379 (SP 36, Tx 29-07-13)

Pinky spots a small Sardar boy named TJ sitting outside a closed door near her house and brings him in until his parents come from shopping. The boy eventually turns up to be nuisance and starts quarreling with Sunny, Raavi and Raashi. We see the sardar couple Pammi and Jogi ( parents of TJ) land in Pinky house very dramatically and thanks her for taking care of TJ. We eventually find them very greedy and they keep on eyeing on the stuff in the house and borrow things from Pinky. The kids and Pinky tell this whole incident to Jeet and he tells them not to overly react. Next morning Jeet doesn’t find the news paper and asks everybody about it and Raavi doubts the neighbours. Sunny Finds the newspaper with TJ and asks about it but they both start fighting. Pinky and Pammi intervene and Sunny says that TJ has stolen our newspaper.

Episode 380 (SP 37, Tx 30-07-13)

We see both Pinky and Pammi look at each other in a state of shock on Sunny’s mention of TJ stealing the news paper. Pammi tells that they just borrowed it and Sunny should not accuse TJ like this. Pinky makes Sunny apologize. A pissed off Sunny finds a paper plane landing in his room with a warning written on it by TJ. Sunny calls up Rocky and tells the whole thing and rocky comes up with an idea. The next morning, as soon as Jogi opens the news paper, a cloud of gulal rises on his face and the kids get a laugh. Jogi, in revenge, pinctures Jeet’s car tyres and Raavi and Jeet confront with Jogi. On the other hand TJ upsets Sunny by cheating in the game. Next morning, pinky finds that her maid has been hired by pummi at a double price.

Episode 381 (SP 38, Tx 31-07-13)

Pinky goes and confronts Pammi as how dare she hijack her maid but Pammi laughs at Pinky and closes the door on Pinkys face.  On the other hand, Jeet gets the tires replaced and Jogi laughs at him. Jogi doesn’t admit  his mistake, rather he tells Jeet that if somebody will cut their cable wire, will they name him only? Jeet and kids get cautious on this and take it as a warning and go on the terrace to look after the cable connection. When they return, they find garbage dumped at their door. Raavi complains about it to the secretary but he tells her to bring the evidence. Sunny and Rashi disguise as ghosts and scare tJ. The whole family gets pissed off on the new neighbors and Raavi goes to Rocky and he suggests an idea if they can check jogi’s previous record by meeting his old neighbors.

Episode 382 (SP 39, Tx 01=08-13)

Raavi comes home after meeting Rocky and gets stunned to see that Rosy slipped outside their door on soap water. The building secretary informs Rashi and Sunny about the upcoming annual function of the society and they can participate in the competitions. They also find TJ there and Sunny- TJ fight with each other. Rocky comes with an information that Jogi and Family are known as nuisance makers, and the last neighbors paid money to get rid of them. They all make a plan to trap Jogi and Family and install hidden cameras to catch them red handed. The next morning jeet finds garbage on the door and runs to see the video that has been recorded. The whole family gets happy and decides to expose Jogi and Family in front of the whole society in the annual function and see their red faces with public humiliation.

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