Mad Over Donuts gives all customers who contribute to HEAL India an opportunity to win a week’s supply of free donuts.

On the occasion of World Leprosy Day, MAD OVER DONUTS will be helping launch an all-India fundraising and awareness drive for HEAL India, across 47 stores, 500 employees, 548k+ online fans, leading MNCs and Indian corporate offices and tens of millions of donut lovers.

All you need to do is walk in to your favourite donut store, contribute as little as Rs. 5 to HEAL India, fill out the raffle you’re given and you could win one week’s supply of free donuts! Every week MAD OVER DONUTS will be selecting 1 winner in each city, across 4 cities for the month-long activity. The MAD OVER DONUTS HEAL India initiative is being launched on WORLD LEPROSY DAY which is celebrated on January 30, to fight leprosy and the stigma attached to it.

The goodness continues to offices too! As part of the initiative, MAD OVER DONUTS and HEAL India is organising Donut parties at various corporate offices. Corporates like, Star India, Vodafone and KPMG have hosted Donut parties in their offices. Here, employees purchase MAD OVER DONUTS’ gourmet donuts and 100% sales proceeds are donated to the HEAL India cause!

HEAL India is an initiative by The Leprosy Mission Trust India (TLMTI) to “Hire. Educate. Accept Leprosy-affected.” According to WHO, children from India account for an alarming 10% of new leprosy cases worldwide. HEAL India educates children in the fight against leprosy by reaching out to over 40,000 children through workshops and competitions across schools.

‘People affected by leprosy have faced a lot of stigma and discrimination because of the myths and misconceptions about the disease that have been passed down through generations. MAD OVER DONUTS’ support for HEAL India, has given us an amazing opportunity to educate, raise awareness and funds for the work we have been doing for the last 140-years,” said Dr. Sunil Anand, Director, TLMTI.

““MAD OVER DONUTS is a brand that stands for gourmet donuts, giving back and celebration. It takes heart to share happiness and give, but we didn’t want our association with HEAL India to be only about charity and goodwill. It’s about creating awareness, raising funds, getting donut lovers to participate in this HEAL India movement, and helping them savour this great experience with us. ” Mr. Tarak Bhattacharya, COO, Mad Over Donuts.

“Charity should never be about sadness and sympathy. It should be about sharing and celebration. Mad Over Donuts has shown the way. What better way to HEAL India than with delicious donuts and lots of happy smiles? Thank You everyone,” says Anisha Guptan, Head at Vigilante Social Impact, a Ment Element Group Company, creators of the idea.

So, walk into MAD OVER DONUTS today. Do a good deed. Enjoy delicious donuts while you are at it!

What is HEAL India?

HEAL India is an initiative by The Leprosy Mission Trust India, an organisation that has been working for people affected by Leprosy for the last 140 years. HEAL stands for Hire, Educate, Accept Leprosy Affected.

Why Leprosy?

India accounts for 58% of new global leprosy cases. 10% of these cases are among children.

People affected by leprosy face a lot of stigma and discrimination from society because of the misconceptions about the disease. They lose their family, jobs and social standing.

HEAL India is

Challenging the misconceptions regarding leprosy by spreading

Building the skills of those affected by leprosy and connecting them to awareness about the cause, cure and consequences of leprosy through schools, corporates and media.companies that have hiring opportunities

Facts about Leprosy:

Leprosy is a nerve disease caused by the bacteria, Mycobacterium Leprae.

It’s not a curse because of past sins as made out to be.

Leprosy can be fully treated and cured within 6-12 months with Multi Drug Therapy (leprosy medication). The stigma makes it a lifelong disease.

Disability and deformity occur only when leprosy is left undiagnosed and untreated.

India has over 700 colonies for people affected by leprosy. The need of the hour is to include them into the rest of the society.

About The Leprosy Mission Trust India (TLMTI):

Over the last 139 years, TLMTI through its presence in 8 states with 14 hospitals, 6 Vocational Training Centres, 10 Community Development Projects, 5 old age homes, state of art Research Laboratory, Research Resource Centre, Centre for Media, Communication and Media Advocacy and technical support to the National Leprosy Eradication Programme (NLEP) has helped cure many millions of people affected by leprosy. In addition to the treatment provided, TLMTI has also helped to prevent further disability, reduce stigma and discrimination, and restore dignity to those affected.

World Leprosy Day – 30th January 2014:

The date for World Leprosy Day was chosen to coincide with the anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi’s assassination on January 30, 1948. During his lifetime, Mahatma Gandhi worked tirelessly towards the betterment of people afflicted with leprosy.

How is Mad Over Donuts supporting the HEAL India initiative?

MOD is helping raise awareness and funds for HEAL India through its stores, on its website, facebook page and through a corporate programme.


Customers donate Rs.5 to the HEAL India cause. Every week one lucky donor from Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore and Delhi wins a week’s supply of free donuts.

Corporate Programme:

We believe doing good should be easy and delicious. So while our customers in corporate offices enjoy our gourmet donuts, we donate all the money from the sales to HEAL India. This will help fight Leprosy and the stigma attached to it. We have so far done Mad Over Donuts HEAL India events at MakeMyTrip in Delhi and, Vodafone, Bay Capital, KPMG and Star India in Mumbai.