A unique midnight Republic Day Utsav of K. Ravi (Dada) !

A unique midnight Republic Day Utsav of K. Ravi (Dada) !

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Senior social worker and senior journalist Mr.K.Ravi (Dada) undertook the initiative in Mumbai on Sunday, 26th January, through India Media Link Events Management, like every year outside Mumbai’s Tata Cancer Hospital.

This year too, the people cheered  Kia, a program for the delivery of blankets to cancer victims, on the occasion.

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K Ravi (Dada), along with film actor Shakku Rana, film producers Joy Bhosle, Ismail Warsi, The Deepak Padange, and actor Rahul Ravi
from India Media Link and events Management has been doing such a successful program for the last several years, K. Ravi (Dada) said that people usually say that thousands of people die of cold, but I always felt

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that they die due to lack of woollen clothes and blankets.  Poor and helpless people sleep in the open sky on the sidewalk and road and die of cold.  These poor people sleep close to each other during cold waves, but in such circumstances how can one sleep without a blanket or quilt.  They tremble all night due to the cold air and some old people even die. Today we celebrate such a festival as we do every year on the midnight of 26 January Republic Day.  Without having to wake them up, put a blanket over them and give them a well packed hot breakfast, bottle of water and an attractive flag.

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In making this program a success, we have received from our benefactors in Mumbai, Mr. Shree Anand Vagralkar, Pradeep Badhey, and Mr.Shiva Bhandari, the owner of the famous Shiva Salon also extended their support.