Nominations Galore in Bigg Boss 11

Nominations Galore in Bigg Boss 11

Hiten and Priyank in Bigg Boss 11

Soon after Gauhar Khan’s advice to Akash, today he brings back his entertainment side but with a twist. A-Cash, as he prefers to be called, picks up a row with Priyank for being unclean – both in literal and behavioral sense. He sings ‘Gandh Na Phelao Raaja’ and gives it his own rapper twist. Soon, the entire house joins in this battle of screams!

It’s a big day for commoners as Sapna, Bandagi and Luv are fighting it out to be the Captain this week. Tied together by a ring, the one to hold on to the ring the longest will be declared the new captain. After hours of being bound together, Bandagi and Luv are competing in the final mile. Eventually, Luv emerges victorious and wears the badge of Bigg Boss Captain!

Akash teases Priyank in Bigg Boss 11

It is nomination day in the Bigg Boss house today and contestants are called to the confession room in pairs. Testing friendships in the house, Bigg Boss asks each pair to nominate one amongst them. Priyank and Hiten walk into the confession room and insist on nominating own-self in a bid to save the special bond that they have formed overtime. Eventually, citing a reason that Priyank needs to be given a second chance, Hiten nominates himself for eviction this week. New friends Vikas and Sapna discuss for a long time the basis for nomination, and post agreeing on all grounds, Sapna nominates herself for eviction. Benafsha and Bandagi on the other hand did not agree and after hours of discussion, Bigg Boss nominates both of them for eviction!

Well, in a surprise twist – today’s episode will see a total of 9 contestants being nominated for eviction.

Who is the danger zone?

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