New York to Mumbai…Dreaming..Bollywood !

New York to Mumbai…Dreaming..Bollywood !

Radhika Nanda born in India & brought up in New York, an avid lover of Bollywood movies makes Mumbai her second home & is already spotted with the B-townies.

You can take this young talent out of India but you cannot take India & especially the love for Hindi Cinema out of this New York born & of Indian origin Radhika Nanda who has finally moved to Mumbai to accomplish her Bollywood career & considering her Bollywood connection, we are soon going to see her on the silver screen.

More than 200 Hindi movie DVDs lying in the rack in her spacious luxe apartment in New York, portraits of yester year’s beauties Madhubala, Meena Kumari, Nargis to present day Divas Aishwarya Rai, Madhuri Dixit, Priyanka Chopra adorning her room walls, Radhika Nanda cannot get over her love for Hindi Cinema which apparently led her to move to Mumbai & accomplish her dream to be an actress like her icons.

Academically, having acquired degree in Bachelor in Criminal Justice, Radhika was firm in making a career in Bollywood and went ahead & took acting lessons from New York Film Academy before she landed in Mumbai.

Still prefers watching DDLJ to master her acting skills, young & fresh Radhika Nanda talks about her preparation, “I am finally here where I always wanted to be. I am lucky to have friends from Bollywood but before I ask them to recommend me, I want to try my luck all by myself. I have enrolled in Ganesh Acharya Dance Academy & attending theatre workshop by Manoj & Seema Pawah. I am so totally enjoying this process.”

Not mentioning about her B-town acquaintances & friends, Radhika Nanda undoubtedly has her way into Bollywood real soon. Talking about her plan, “There is no banner I wouldn’t wanna work with ‘cause everybody has a different approach which I want to explore. But my favorites are Dharma, Yashraj & Bhatt camp nonetheless. I want to be Bollywood’s Simran, Junglee Billi, and Geet… I bleed Bollywood.”