“My grandchildren should compliment me on playing such diverse characters” says Huma Qureshi !

“My grandchildren should compliment me on playing such diverse characters” says Huma Qureshi !


Huma Qureshi has always pushed the boundaries as an actress ,delivering nuanced, convincing performances every single time. The actress who has always received critical acclaim in Bollywood , recently signed a South film opposite Mammootty ,explaining that she wants to be known for diverse characters across various industries.

Says Huma, “I ventured into the South because I like playing interesting characters. My dream is that when I retire ,I should have a video library of all the work I have done, be able to show it to my grandchildren and they should compliment me on playing such diverse characters.”

While female-centric films are the flavor of the season, Huma clarifies that she doesn’t really pay attention to the term and looks out for characters that interest her. “I don’t believe that just because you are a good actress, you have to do a female-centric movie. For me, it could be male-centric, child-centric or dog-centric; it doesn’t matter as long as it has a good story and has characters that are real, throbbing, layered and nuanced.” she adds.