Sneha Desai, Writer of Laapata Ladies, Shares Insights into the World of Screenwriting at Vartalaap by The Screenwriters Association (SWA)

Sneha Desai, Writer of Laapata Ladies, Shares Insights into the World of Screenwriting at Vartalaap by The Screenwriters Association (SWA)

The Screenwriters Association (SWA) a collective voice for the rights and welfare of screenwriters, recently organized the latest edition of Vartalaap, a prominent forum featuring conversations with screenwriters and lyricists. The event featured celebrated writer Sneha Desai, known for her work on “Laapata Ladies.”


Sneha Desai shared her experiences and insights into the craft of screenwriting, discussing her career journey and the challenges she faced in the industry. She emphasised the importance of an authentic writing voice and the need for writers to be fearless and focused on refining their skills.

During the discussion, she further addressed gender representation in storytelling, arguing that skill is more important than gender in authentically portraying diverse characters. She emphasised the importance of a raw, natural voice in a writer but also highlighted that writers cannot rely solely on it. According to Sneha, it is a writer’s duty to hone their skills and continuously work on their craft.

The event was moderated by Hitesh Kewalya, acclaimed for his work as the screenwriter and director of films like “Shubh Mangal Saavdhan” and “Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan,” which are celebrated for their innovative and humorous approach to discussing socially relevant issues.

Hitesh Kewalya stated, “As screenwriters, we have a significant role in shaping how stories are told and perceived. Our work isn’t just about creating entertainment; it’s about crafting narratives that resonate and have the potential to influence thoughts and discussions. It’s essential that we approach this responsibility with a clear understanding of the impact our stories can have.

Speaking on the occasion, Satyanshu Singh, Chairperson of SWA Events Sub Committee said, “Vartalaap embodies SWA’s commitment to enabling a culture of dialogue and empowerment within the screenwriting community. It is a platform for screenwriters to share their experiences, voice concerns, and collectively address challenges faced by them. By facilitating open discussions, we aim to dismantle barriers to entry and promote inclusivity within the industry. It is our way of bringing about tangible change and fostering a more equitable landscape for our fellow writers.

Adding to this, Sneha Desai said, “I am excited to have been a part of Vartalaap and contribute to the ongoing discourse on the challenges and opportunities in our profession. I cannot emphasize more on how important it is to receive due credit for your work and urge my fellow writers to uphold their rights and dreams with integrity. I appreciate and thank the SWA for their advocacy, given how safeguarding writers’ rights is imperative in the contemporary cinematic landscape. Together with SWA, I look forward to bringing about tangible outcomes that benefit all screenwriters, empowering us to thrive in our craft and industry.

Through initiatives like Vartalaap, SWA continues its efforts to encourage positive dialogue within the Indian film writer community, ensuring their voices are heard and contributing to systemic change in the industry.

About The Screenwriter’s Association of India (SWA):

SWA was founded with the purpose of championing the rights and interests of screenwriters and the organization continues to be at the forefront of industry reform. With over 65,000 members across India, including writers like Sriram Raghavan, Sujoy Ghosh, and Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari, SWA is committed to advocating for fair contracts, equitable treatment, and the creative autonomy of writers.