Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is the best Captain of them all!

Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is the best Captain of them all!

Hina and Sapna in Bigg Boss 11

Bigg Boss 11 Synopsis – Day 19

Captaincy in Bigg Boss’ house comes with extreme hardship, good rapport with other contestants and, sometimes, with a bit of luck as well. Team Vikas did an exceptional job winning the Luxury Budget task. Today, Bigg Boss asks each contestant to nominate two members from Team Vikas for the Captaincy task, and the top two contestants with the maximum number of votes fight each other to become the next captain of the Bigg Boss house, and earn immunity.

After a lot of deliberation and drama, the ‘gharwale’ come to a decision that Hina Khan, Sapna Choudhary and Benafsha Soonawala are the three contestants who deserve to be nominated for captaincy on the basis of their performance in the Luxury Budget Task. But the main ‘panga’ here is that only two contestants can be nominated. Benafsha does not want Hina to be the captain as she hates her over confidence and wants to give her some strong competition.

Finally, with every contestant’s consent, Hina and Sapna are elected as the top two contenders for the captaincy task. Benafsha looks unhappy with this decision. She is also seen being upset with Sapna because she always said that she did not want to stay in the house and now she is striving hard to be the next captain of the house.

Bigg Boss contestants performing captaincy task in Big Boss 11

The captaincy task begins later in the evening, where Hina and Sapna choose one of the contestants as their representatives, who sit inside separate glass enclosures. The other contestants choose sides, and keep putting sand into the glass container belonging to the other nominee. The representative keeps throwing the sand out of the container. Hina and Sapna try to convince the other ‘gharwale’ to throw sand in the opposite contenders’ glass container. In the end, the contender having less sand in her glass container wins the captaincy task.

After the captaincy task comes to an end, Sapna lashes out at Vikas as she is not happy with his involvement in the task. Later, the contestants nominated for evictions are given a chance to give an explanation to the other contestants as to why do they deserve to stay in the Bigg Boss house.


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