Meghna Malik all set to surprise fans with her role in Laado 2 as Ammaji’.

Meghna Malik all set to surprise fans with her role in Laado 2 as Ammaji’.


Ammaji is all set to return to the silver screen with Laado2. Meghna Malik, who essayed the role of a powerful and fierce antagonist in Na Ana Is Des Laado, is back for the show’s second innings.

Depicting the role of a larger-than-life personality, Meghna as Ammaji was much loved in season 1 for her bold avatar and will now be seen revealing another side of hers with Laado2. She plays a caring grandmother who loves her family and can go to any extent to protect her granddaughters. Though she motivates them and wants them to stand on their own feet, she can be the most frightening person that one can come across. She can be shrewd, intense, astute, manipulative and vicious.
Meghna Malik as Ammaji - Laado2_
“Na Ana Is Des Laado was a closed chapter for me, so Chapter 2 came as a surprise. Laado2 will see a fresh take on Ammaji’s personality. I do not want to compare myself to the Ammaji of the previous show and want to approach it with a fresh mind. In Laado2, she is different in mind, body and appearance, and you will see her dressed in bright colors, which is a symbol of hope and a promising future”, said Meghna Malik.

Viewers would definitely not want to miss the various facets of Ammaji’s personality. This fresh take on Ammaji’s role is something which will definitely keep fans on the edge of their seats.

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