“Kya Huaa Tera Vaada (7th June 2012)

Everyone in the house is worried and sitting around Taani. Taani starts crying and say i will deal with as m so bad, Mona says…I know exactly what you’re talking about… because not so long ago, I was saying the same lines as you… I was a step away from ending my life… bt this family stopped me. Pradeep is worried about his sister while Anushka says all that happened cud be planned ‘ Could it be that this is Mona’s way of getting back at you for leaving her? at the end we see Pradeep believing ki Mona ne hi ye sab plan to nahi kiya. Mallika is trying to take advantage of the situation and incite Alok further against Mona as an upset Suhasi looks on… But suddenly Alok snaps, ‘Oh shut up Mallika! Jo mann mein aaye bake ja rahi ho I can’t blame Mona for everything, just then Alok receives a call from Mr. Chopra n he says What happened yesterday was unfortunate if you people are free this evening, we’d like to come over and talk about Jatin’s rishta…!’ And Alok can’t believe what he’s hearing .Mona and Sushasu makes Taani understand that forget everything ,we will be blessed to have a boy like Jatin as our damaad. Jatin n family comes everyone welcomes them Mona serves them everything band they bring decked up Taani in front of them but Jatin clears that i have come to see Mona not Taani suddenly the smiles are replaced by looks of confusion… Mona turns around stunned. Jatin says I want to marry your daughter Mona.

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