“Kya Huaa Tera Vaada (5th July 2012)

Kya Huaa Tera Vaada Synopsis of the Episode

 Pradeep can’t believe that Mona has just admitted that the baby is Vineet’s… He’s like what did you just say? Alok yells Pradeep saying- you are responsible for all what’s happening…because you took the drastic step of stepping out of your married life… Taani goes to Gia and tells her about her pregnancy, Madhav completely denies….Taani is so angry that she just slaps Madhav tightly across his face. All are shocked while Taani hits her stomach at the corner of a cabinet and She then collapse on the floor in a heap…In sangeet, Pradeep gets a call from hospital saying Mona Singh has been admitted to the hospital… She’s just had an mishap/accident and has lost her baby… Pradeep’s expressions go from a sneer to disbelief to shock as he stares at the parents and then at Mona… not being able to understand what he has heard over the phone as Mona is standing right in front of him..

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