Kya Huaa Tera Vaada 29th November 2012 10:00p Synopsis of the Episode

Kya Huaa Tera Vaada

 29th November 2012 10:00p Synopsis of the Episode

In Thursday’s episode Tarun goes to meet Anushka and asks her about the whole case, Anu acts of being a bechari woman and shedding crocodile tears says, ‘That Pradeep used me, dumped me, behaved badly with me because of Mona. Tarun is surprised to hear negative things about Mona, as he knows that she is a nice person. Mona makes a secret plan with Shantabaai to sneak in Anu’s house and look for evidences, Taani wants to break off her relation with Tarun because of Anushka, when Mona looks stunned and makes Taani understand. Shanta bai comes to Anushka and ask if she can get a work in her house, Anushka gives her the job and leaves, Shantabai with a determined expression starts searching. Jha asks Mona for proof that shows that Shaurya and Anushka were married, And Mona tense dials Shantabai’s number but can’t get through and thinks What if Shantabai doesn’t come? Sab gadbad ho jaega!’To know more tune in to Sony Entertainment Television Thursday 29th November @10pm