Kya Huaa Tera Vaada 1st November 2012 10:00pm Synopsis of the Episode

Kya Huaa Tera Vaada 1st November 2012 10:00pm

 Synopsis of the Episode

Tonight Mona speaks up… Says how can you accuse Pradeep for the murder? I don’t know what proof you have… But I know for a fact that Pradeep was with me the whole night!’ Shocked looks all around… Anushka… Pradeep… the cops… and Vineet… who has just entered at that moment and heard Mona…  Mona hesitates as she says, ‘We wanted to give our marriage one last shot… before both of us go our separate ways today by marrying new partners…! We thought of our marriage of 12 years, our three kids… and got together to try and salvage the marriage, if possible.. so we spent the night together..!’ Pradeep looks shocked at Mona, realizing to what extent she’s going to support him… We catch Anu’s reaction… Vineet’s reaction… and the stunned cops at this new twist in the tale…now with this bitter confession of Mona will Vineet go ahead with his and marriage, will this save Pradeep.

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