Kheta Hai Dil.. Jee Le Zara – Monday to Thursday @ 9.30pm

Kheta Hai Dil.. Jee Le Zara – Monday to Thursday @ 9.30pm

Monday , 7 October @9.30 pm

Telecast episode – 30

 DV stops Mugdha when he sees her cry, DV has witnessed Rishi trying to act fresh with Mugdha. Mughda says nothing and walks off. Sunil’s mother talks about Rishi and Saachi’s marriage. Rishi says he will accept Saachi with all her responsibilities. Saachi tries to sink into idea of getting married to Rishi. Everyone assume its yes from Saachi. DV tells Dilshaad about Rishi’s character. He tries to tell saachi also but fails to do so. Next morning Dv and Dilshaad plan and make Saachi overhear Mughda’s conversation about Rishi misbehaving with her. Saachi refuses alliance with Rishi. Sunil’s mother gets angry and says she will not let her son get married to Prachi.

 Tuesday – 8 October @9.30 pm

 Telecast episode – 31

 Everyone shocked. Saachi pleads Sunil’s mother to change her decision. DV very tactfully changes Sunil’s father’s mind. Sunil’s father convinces Mother. Prachi and Sunil get married. Here Pradeep steals Lease papers. Saachi says thanks to DV for whole Rishi thing. Juice falls on DV’s outfit. He goes to change. Dilshaad probes him about his feelings for Saachi. Saachi comes to the door when DV is confessing to Dilshad his love for Saachi.

 Wednesday – 9 October @9.30 pm

 Telecast episode -32

 Saachi has not heard DV’s passionate declaration of his love. She calls both DV and Dilshaad for Prachi’s Bidai. Saachi holds herself strong when Prachi’s bidai takes place. Saachi is at her room crying. DV shows her Prachi’s video recording talking to Saachi. DV and Saachi discusses about love.  Pain grips DV when Saachi tells him it was ridiculous of Rishi to say DV loves her. Saachi even says she can’t even think of such things.

DV is very upset. His mother calls him and he tells her he coming back home. Mr Garg behaves strange. Saachi realizes Garg will not fight her case. Dilshaad feels sorry for DV. He is leaving the house. Dilshaad tells Saachi DV has left for Mumbai. Saachi reaches bus stop and gets upset on not finding DV.

 Thrusday – 10 Octobe

 Telecast episode -32

Saachi meets DV and requests him to fight the case. DV tells Dilshaad he won’t be able fight Saachi’s case but he will arrange a good lawyer for her. Prachi comes home as per ritual. DV tells saachi he has arranged good lawyer for. Saachi explains she can’t trust any outsider. She convinces him to fight the case. Pradeep receives call and says contract papers are with him. DV and Saachi get close to eachother while working on case papers. Prachi says her in laws will not like the gifts bought by Saachi. Saachi informs DV they have to go to pune for court case.

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