Kheta Hai Dil.. Jee Le Zara – Monday to Thursday @9.30pm

Kheta Hai Dil.. Jee Le Zara – Monday to Thursday @9.30pm

Monday – 14 October (Tentative freeze)

Telecast episode – 32

 Saachi  and Dv travel by bus to Pune. Some goons pass comments on Saachi. Fight takes place between Dv and Goons. Constable arrives and takes them all to the cop station. At the Police station they ask uncomfortable questions. At home Aaji is stuck with Ulka’s talks and wants to call Saachi. Nani is more liberal and relaxed about it. Finally nani calls but aaji takes the phone Saachi says all is well but Aaji hears the constable saying something in the background and is suspicious as Saachi hangs up abruptly. Saachi feels bad about lying to Aaji. Finally Dv cools down and asks for his one phone call. We see him calling someone and then suddenly the whole atmosphere of the cop station changes and everyone who was being nasty to them so far starts doing ji huzoori. Saachi is taken aback by the turn of events but dv brushes it off and they rush to make it to the magistrate in time. They reach the magistrates office as it is about to shut down.

Tuesday – 15 October (Tentative freeze)

Telecast episode – 33

 After much begging and pleading Dv and Saachi gets the next day’s date. Saachi informs aaji nani that their work didn’t get done and they have to spend the night. Aaji thinks that saachi is hiding something. At night Dv and Saachi awkwardly share the space in the room. Dv dreams a romantic moment between him and Saachi. Uncomfortable Dv walks out of room and comes back in the morning and Saachi gets worried for him. Pradeep informs everyone saachi will lose case and distributes sweets. Nani eats sweets.At magistrate they can’t find papers and Saachi is distraught as the magistrate rules in favour of pradeep ending the contract.

Wednesday – 16 October (Tentative freeze)

Telecast episode – 34

 Saachi is shocked and runs from the court distraught. Dv is left helpless. Nani gets an diabetic attack. Dadi panics and tries to call Saachi. She can’t get through Saachi and Adu and calls Pradeep. Saachi has locked herself in the room and refuses to open the door. DV pleads with her that everything is not over yet and this was just a road block. Saachi is unwilling to believe that and keeps repeating that everything is over. Pradeep arrives to help nani and in the process also instigates them that they are a bunch of helpless women and that Saachi should accept the fact and sell the land so everyone can be happy. Dadi is silent. Saachi moves out of hotel room. She is completely broken. She is about to hit a van. DV saves her tries and confesses that he loves her.

Thursday – 17 October (Tentative freeze)

Telecast episode – 35

 Saachi gets very angry Dv tries to explain he cannot lie any more build up to saachi almost slap him. Adhu calls DV and informs nani has collapsed. In the cab saachi is crying constantly but every time dv tries to comfort her she snaps at him asking him to stay away from her (dramatically). Nani is on the bed sick and asking for Saachi in her half-awake state. Dv and Saachi return to the house .Aaji explains to her that Nani is better and thank god for Pradeep. Pradeep smiles victoriously at her. Dv tells Dilshad he has confessed to Saachi. Aaji tells saachi to sell off land. Saachi is shocked and she runs to her room. Dv follows Saachi and tells her that she loves him too and he will prove it to her.

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