Khauff Ki Adaalat – Killer Island – 22nd & 23rd June

Khauff Ki Adaalat – Killer Island – 22nd & 23rd June

In Saturday’s episode a series of crashes take place and it is believed that these are due to the killer island. Whichever vessel passes that island gets sucked into the island. Rajnath a swami claims that Mohan Aryas chopper crashed due to the powers that he possesses. He has woken up the island. The accused here is Thadani a rival to Mohan and had gone to the swami to hello him remove Mohan from his way.  Till now we aren’t able to find any evidence. Varun goes for investigation. And KD gets a call saying that Varun met with an accident while going towards the island. Is there some supernatural power in the island? How will kD prove there is nothing supernatural especially after what happened with Varun?

 Tune in to Sony Entertainment Television on 22nd and 23rd June @7:30pm