Kehta Hai Dil.. Jee Le Zara – Monday to Thursday @9.30pm

Kehta Hai Dil.. Jee Le Zara – Monday to Thursday @9.30pm

6th January, Monday, Episode 84Dhruv calls up Saanchi and tells her his father wants to meet Saanchi. DHRUV and Saanchi take Ajji’s blessing before leaving for mumbai. Ajji tells them to take Adu along. They leave. Dhruv’ mom call up and inform them his dad wants the meet at office instead of house. They reach office. Prachi excited to know what’s happening calls Adu. Adu tells her something not right. Dhruv’s father talks to Saanchi in a way that makes her uncomfortable. Here prachi slips from stairs while talking to Adu. Dhruv’s father says he can’t give place to any cheap thing at his house that Dhruv asks for.

7th January, Tuesday, Episode 85 – Dhruv’s father offers 20 crores cheques to Saanchi to leave Dhruv but Saanchi refuses and comes out. She cries and tells Dhruv everything. Angry DHRUV enters the cabin and questions his father. Yashwardhan says he was just testing Saanchi. Here Dilshaad informs Adu prachi is fine. Yashwardhan invites Saanchi and Adu for family dinner.

8th January, Wednesday, Episode 86 – Saanchi is still not convinced. She is in hotels room. She says time to celebrate and Saanchi says not yet. Nani Ajji calls Saanchi and asks about her meeting with tv’s father. She assures them all is well. Through nani Saanchi gets to know about Prachi. Saanchi scolds Adu for not telling her. They go for dinner. Saanchi collides with Suparna and Suparna shouted at Saanchi for breaking her phone. Later DHRUV introduces Suparna as Anway’s wife. Suparna passes sarcastic remarks

9th January, Thursday, Episode 87 –   At restaurant Saanchi and adwait are madeto feel out of place and uncomfortable by Dhruv’s family. Saanchi excludes herself and walks out. Dhruv’s mother excuses her and follows Saanchi and talks to her. She emotionally convinces Saanchi if she get married to Dhruv, a mother will lose her family. Saanchi breaks down after his mother leaves. Later with determination she comes in and tells goel she wants to talk to him alone. Saanchi asks for 25 crore cheque. Dhruv’s father declares he had a deal with Saanchi and she sold TV’s love DHRUV is shocked. Saanchi confirms whatever Yashwardhan said was right. Dhruv is heartbroken.

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