Kehta Hai Dil.. Jee Le Zara – Monday to Friday @9.30pm

Kehta Hai Dil.. Jee Le Zara  – Monday to Friday  @9.30pm

Episode 110, 11.02.14, Tuesday – Aaji Nani gives a gift of honeymoon package to Dhruv Sannchi. Dhruv and Sannchi feel happy to enjoy this special time being together. They reach in a Goa hotel. They meet a new married young couple. They think Sannchi is Dhruv’s elder sister. Sannchi feels offended at the remark and we freeze.

EPISODE 111, 12.02.14, Wednesday   At the comment on her age and love by Prerna, Sannchi Episode lies back with confidence. Dhruv Sannchi has a wonderful time in Goa. Yash goes to prabhu nivas to meet DV but couldn’t find him there. He asks to Aaji Nani where they are and Nani lies and tells they are in Mahableshwar. Dhruv and Sannchi takes lunch together, hit the dance floor. Sannchi gives a surprise dance performance for Dhruv. She continues surprising DC with wine and ball dance. They enjoy this time and we freeze.

Episode 112, 13.02.14, Thursday – Yash reaches Goa. Dhruv and Sannchi enjoy water sport, adventure sport. Both of them make the most of this time. When Dhruv Sannchi comes back hotel, they get shocked to see Yash there but to surprise Yash says sorry to them and asks them to come home. Freeze.

EPISODE 113 , 14.02.14, Friday – Yash asks DV Sannchi to come home with him. Yash asks Neena to arrange reception party for them. Mugdha tries to contact Sannchi to inform her about workers strike in farm but Aaji Nani Aadu tries to handle this of their own. Sannchi calls Aadu as she reaches Mumbai, she hears some screaming crowd on phone but Aadu hides the fact. Saachi worried Dhruv says you go to Panchgani tomorrow and check if everything alright. Suparna overhears and plans something. Freeze….

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