Kaun Banega Crorepati on Sony Entertainment Television Highlights !

Kaun Banega Crorepati on Sony Entertainment Television  Highlights !

KBC Synopsis

On air date: September 3 @ 8.30pm

The episode starts with roll over contestant Dipti Dev from Ajmer (Rajasthan) she plays few questions and then quits. A fresh FFF takes place and the next contestant to come on hot seat is  Shivangi Maletia, from Faridabad. She is a dentist  by profession and aspires to become a model someday.  A part of money that she will earn on KBC will go to an old age home in Pune, as she feels they need the most love and care. She shares about her child who is a year old and his birthday falls on 2nd August, to which AB replies that 2nd August is also my birthday. He continues saying that 2nd August was that day when doctors had announced that he is dead after his Coolie accident, but on that day miracle happened and he got a rebirth. On a special demand from Shivangi, AB does a ramp walk with her which makes her feels really overwhelmed as it was her first ever ramp walk and she got the chance to walk with the mega star AB.


KBC Synopsis

On air date: September 4 @ 8.30pm


The episode starts with entry of Priyanka Chopra with the hauslebaaz contestant Ms. Usha Vishwakarma who is the founder of NGO Redbrigade. After Usha had been the victim of an attempted rape by a coworker at the age of 18, she decided that something needed to be done against the growing insecurity of women in India. After watching the AV, an emotional Priyanka Chopra is seen applauding Usha and talks about other victims are their plight. During a question AB acts out different types of boxing moves i.e. is upper cut etc.

AB & PC indulge in a little bit of mock boxing with each other after which PC says she was higly influenced by his movie Naseeb. AB express shock and despair at the plight of rape vicitims in our country, to which PC replies that every woman should learn how to defend herself against difficult siutuations like this. AB asks PC to sing her international song welcome to my city and she sings. Red Brigade sings their organisations inspiration anthem. Usha then gives tips to women on how to stay safe. PC says she would like to be associated to Usha’s organisation red brigade. Usha explains the significance of her red and black uniform.

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