‘KAHANI CHANDRAKANTA KI’: Shikha Swaroop returns to small-screen after a decade!

‘Chandrakanta ‘ has been the most popular show in the recent times, and has gained ample fame with the characterization it possessed. We had a chance to steal some time with this amazing cast and crew while they were shooting for the sequel ‘Kahani Chandrakanta ki’ which is currently on air on Sahara One at Mahableshwar. The picturesque backdrop of this location was the ideal element, the director Sunil Agnihotri said that the space and location gave a wider scope for dramatic camera angles.


It was an opportunity to meet all the lead characters played by renowned actors like  Inder Kumar , Shikha Swaroop and Santosh Shukla to name a few . While in conversation with Shikha Swaroop we knew that this would be her come back into television after a decade, but surely it will be a pleasant surprise for the viewers. At an informal gathering we spoke to the director about his sequel show to which he said that in this sequel there will be twists in the life of princess chandrakanta, and also a dramatic change in life of samrat Virendra Singh which will be the issue of concern for this gorgeous princess. Also a few characters added will be of keen inetrest to the kids.


It was heartwarming interaction with each character. The highlight was the conversation with our very own Virendra Singh aka Santosh Shukla who was very excited as he told us, Virendra Singh as a character had a twist,when he discovers himself being influenced by his past life where he plays a ‘ichcha dhari Naag ‘.That surely is a turning point, and I believe  we can expect unexpected twists where Chandrakanta’s life is concerned .


Having spent a day with these magnificient actors on location , we realized that behind the glittery fame is a lot at stake, hard work and uncomfortable working conditions, as the location was amidst mountains and one could expect the temperature running low at the day end. It was shocking to see the kind of effort went in shooting one five minute sequence, both by individuals in front of the camera and behind the camera .


Everything seemed going as per the specification and the vision the director Agnihotri had, the co ordination was amazing. We are sure and wish that this show keeps up its place in the popularity charts……