Jai Gangajaal Film review

Jai Gangajaal Film review

Jai Gangajaal Film review – Just Go & watch How A Female Crusader Priyanka Chopra delivers a massive punch !

Here is why Priyanka Chopra is as good as any male lead

Film : Jai Gangajaal

Produced  : Prakash Jha Productions & Play Entertainment

Directed : by Prakash Jha

Cast : Priyanka Chopra , Prakash Jha , Manv Kaul, Murli Sharma & Kiran Karmarkar

Rating : 4 Star Rating =

Jai Gangaajal the film as a subject might appear a bit oft repeated story having been told with different backdrops in as many films as you recollect , but what makes it stand apart is the freshness of the stellar cast enacting with elan the meticulous characters etched out by the Director. Why I say so is because of the fact that any socially relevant issue will not reach the masses if it is not reflected through the persons who have proven tack record and are cult icons of the present generation.

Producer Director Prakash Jha reagain attempts the genre he has mastered over a period of years with equally hard hitting subjects. But with Jai Gangaajal he reinvents himself by enacting one the most interesting character of a baddy Bhola Nath Singh the Police Circle Babu as he is addressed in the film who is servicing the local Four time MLA Babloo Bhaiya (Manv Kaul ), his brother Dabloo Bhaiya ( Ninad Kamat ) who are Political mafias , land grabbers and goondas virtually ruling the dusty heartland of Central India , this time its a district Bankipur which lives under the terror unleased by this self proclaimed goons . The best part is he does not make a stupid cameo appearances like other directors but virtually takes on the mantle of a main protagonist with a heart and soul in place, and debuts on the big screen with some smart dialogues especially the one “Kuch Bhi Karlo Par Vardi Par haath Nahin Uthana Chahiye Tha “…  Lage Raho Prakashji …..

Prakash Jha & Priyanka Chopra

From here on the film takes a turn as a female SP Abha Mathur is posted in Bankipur. Priyanka Chopra who has evolved over the years as an actor has taken to the role of a hard hitting police officer with steely demenour to deliver a very refreshing look of a very determined officer who resolves to eradicate the corrupt & vicious system single handedly.  Today when we talk of gender eqality her character is a testimony to feminism. She looks every inch a scene stealer as she delivers slaps, punches and wields lathis with equal grit and power. Being a good actor that she is , she makes it sure that everyone around facing her or interacting with her,  give their cent percent to make the drama live and happening.

Prakash Jha has once again given us a reality check on things happening in the remote town and villages and tried to bring an awareness to the fact that you may do wrong , may support wrong but you cant sustain for long with wrong. Manav kaul is a good actor but here he has nothing much to do except to enact the caricature of a typical villain in a typical garb, nothing new but Ninad Kamat an erstwhile TV actor stands out & has given too good a portrayal of Dabloo Bhaiya , younger brother of Babloo and a spoilt brat to a hilt.

Music by Salim Suleman  is enchanting and catchy numbers like Sab Dhan Maati sung by Amruta Fadnavis & Sanke hain San San sung by Bappi Lahiri is mainly played in the background but add to the impact of the narrative and stays on your subconscious mind for some time.

Very crisp dialogues and smart editing make it an all consuming and interesting viewing.