Halla Bol – Day 1: Challengers Declare War on Champions of Bigg Boss!

Halla Bol – Day 1: Challengers Declare War on Champions of Bigg Boss!

The end of Bigg Boss Season – 8 has left a gaping hole in the lives of the Champions, with the inevitable departure of so many friends and the iconic host Salman Khan bidding adieu to the show, leaving all the housemates in an emotional predicament. But the mystery of embarking on a new journey with the magnificent host Farah Khan has reignited their zest to continue playing on the show.

As the Challengers have been pitted against the Champions on Bigg Boss – Halla Bol, the great divide between them will further widen, as Bigg Boss has certain surprises up his sleeve.  As the mystery unfolds, Bigg Boss announces certain privileges for the Champions over the course of the show, leaving the Challengers in a state of shock. Bigg Boss reveals that the Challengers will take their luggage and move into the tent in the garden area. While they can remain in thehouse during the day, however at night they have to take nap in the sleeping bags laid out in the tent. If that wasn’t enough, all the chores of the house including cooking and cleaning would be done only by the Challengers and not the Champions of the house.

Bigg Boss – Halla Bol has just kicked off and with it the competition between the Champions and Challengers, but the ambience has been explosive from the moment it was announced.  Dimpy’s constant bickering and complaining miffs challenger Sambhavna who in a fit of rage flings a shoe in the direction of Dimpy which barely misses the target!

The second surprise of the day for the housemates was the next privilege for the Champions, when Bigg Boss announces that only the Challengers would be nominated for eviction and that the Champions would determine through an open vote which of the three Challengers would be in danger of eviction this week.

With the tempers flaring in the Bigg Boss house, an explosion was the prediction of the day. When a joke turned into a squabble, it irked a Challenger to lose his cool and commit an act of violence against one of the Champions of Season – 8, leaving all the housemates in a state of shock.

Which Challenger will be the first to leave the house? And which Challenger will cement their place in the show? And what would be the repercussions of the brawl?

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