Film Review – Chandigarh Kare Aashiqui – Enjoy the Punjabi Tadka ! Hindi Style !!!

                                                                    Chandigarh Kare Aashiqui – Film Review

Enjoy the Punjabi Tadka ! Hindi Style !!!

Film : Chandigarh Kare Aashiqui
Produced : Bhushan Kumar, Krishan Kumar, Pragya Kapoor,  Abhishek Nayyar.
Directed: Abhishek Kapoor 
Cast : Ayushmann Khurrana,  Vaani Kapoor 
Rating  : ⭐⭐⭐1/2 Stars 
Chandigarh Kare Aashiqui will yet again set a trend for offbeat cinema with offbeat characters taking size and shape yet again a trend initiated by Ayushmann Khurrana with #VickyDonor, #BadhaiHo … #ShubhMangalSavdhan… and this time on the rom-com, directed by Abhishek Kapoor has gone a step ahead and attempted a social issue revolving around transgender community which may not be a large tribe but yet an issue that needed to be addressed. 

This time on Ayushmann has done a total image makeover of a body builder donning the cap of a Gym Instructor but this time on he is at the receiving end facing the brunt of the after effects of an interaction in the heat of the moment. But all the same delivers an amazing and brilliant performance reciprocating to every action initiated by the superlative portrayal of an ultra glam and upbeat Vaani Kapoor’s challenging character. By far this is Vaani Kapoor’s Best portrayal till date. She looks pretty gorgeous and smart as a Zumba Instructor.

Ayushmann Khurrana seems to have mastered the art of tackling the social issues with panache.The chemistry between the two of them is worth a watch besides some heavy duty loves making scenes which are beautifully captured by Abhishek Kapoor. Vaani exudes youthful charm which has seductive effect on Ayushmann who till date was running away from girls despite her sisters and his father who were hell bent on getting him married and settling him in life.  But his only motto and passion till than was only and only winning the Local Inter Gym Championship.
Despite the story line being very thin and revolving around transgender issue it manages to keep you engaged because of some powerful performances from the main leads and very ably complemented by the support cast very much bringing alive the regional flavour of Punjabi Culture.
Abhishek Kapoor has handled some emotional outbursts both in case of Ayushmann and Vaani very very subtly and at the same time not making it go over board. There are some very hilarious moments when family members of both of them in their own domain create some funny and uncomfortable situations not knowing how to react in such situation. Abhishek has selected some real quirky characters like the twin buddies of Ayushmann the only source  of recourse he could go to when in dilemma with his family members and Vaani.
Chandigarh as a city per say and some romantic and some outdoor situations and sequences are beautifully captured by the cameraman Manoj Lobo making both Ayushmann and Vaani look pretty Handsome and Glamorous.
This far so far its an entertaining fare with a dose of Action, Drama, Romance, Emotions all taken for in light mode.
But the Later Half post interval the whole narrative goes haywire. Just imagine a guy competing for the championship is no where near around shown practising and all of a Sudden the D Day comes by and our main Hero is ready for the big fight after going through a helluva lot of emotional turmoils and Lo Behold turns up for the showdown all charged and worked up. Such an amateurish and downmarket competition. Just by lifting 5kg additional weight than his main rival turns our Hero into a Champion of the Day. Maybe such competitions are popular at local level but when you are projecting it for a larger audience it has to have the meat and substance to sustain that element of Thrill & Excitement and the Edge of the Seat feeling. But unfortunately here it falls flat and the result is a Huge Let Down !
Sachin Jigar’s “Tumbe Te Zumba” does rock and makes you rock !!!
Abhishek Kapoor somewhere along the line seems to have lost the momentum and as a result fails to keep the narrative flow in check which reflects in the editing not being crisp and tight. In some places you observe sudden jump cuts and the transition is also not smooth in quite a few places.
All in All its Ayushmann Khurrana and Vaani Kapoor’s Fantastic Chemistry in the first half which keeps you on the hook but the climax virtually lets you of the hook.
Might as well watch this film for it’s social message and for the gripping first half and the fantastic chemistry and performances of the main lead.