Ekk Nayi Pechchan – Monday to Thursday @8.30pm

Ekk Nayi Pechchan – Monday to Thursday @8.30pm  

Episode 27 – Tuesday 28th January Sakshi tries to convince Sharda to study while she’s on the terrace embroidering. Sakshi tries teaching her but Sharda is distracted. Sakshi and Suresh Challenge. Sakshi tries teaching her but Sharda not able to understand anything. Sakshi sees Sharda is pr Episode ring for Pooja nicely and tells her the day you are comfortable let me know. Saraswati pooja pr Episode rations. Karan thanks Sakshi for whatever she’s doing for Sharda.Pratik refuses to come to the modi house for Saraswati pooja.

 Episode 28 – Wednesday 29th January- Suresh and Sharda, Karan and Sakshi write while doing Pooja – Sakshi asks for Aashirwad. Sharda sitting with group of ladies and realization dawns upon her. Sharda takes Sakshi to the temple and touches her feet… Sakshi takes permission from Suresh to allow Sh arda to go to coaching centre. Sharda sings bha January to Dadi and calls Prateek and senses tension. Sakshi tells Sharda that Suresh has allowed her to go to coaching center.

 EPISODE 29 – Thursday 30th JanuarySakshi comes to know about Karan’s birthday and she plans to give him a surprise party in which she takes Rohan’s help. Sakshi decorates whole hall with flowers, chocolates, teddies etc. Karan sees all this and is about to scold Sakshi when he notices Sharda. Latter he scolds Sakshi for doing all this.

 Episode 30 – Friday 31ST January Sakshi is hurt and tension builds between them. Sakshi says that even now onwards she will not try to force into this relation. Sharda gives Suresh sweet curd before going to an imp meeting when he says that his work will get his success and notthis curd. Sakshi and Sharda lie to each other that everything is fine between Sharda and Suresjh and Sakshi and Karan resp. Sakshi puts on an Aarti cd for Dadi and is relieved that now Sharda can study. Sharda enters the new coaching class and is realived to see that there are all women. Professor asks everyone to give the introduction and Sharda is tensed and just teks her name.

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