Ekk Nayi Pechchan – Monday to Thursday @8.30pm

Ekk Nayi Pechchan  – Monday to Thursday @8.30pm  

Wednesday – 14th May, 8.30pm

 Sakshi get the message on the her phone of mother’s day  and she remember her childhood days with her mom and talk to her….All gather for a launch were Karan blast on Latika for the project which has been hacked them ,to see them Sharda is almost tears however, Sakshi make her understand…Sakshi pacing around thinking to unit Karan and Latika to plan some think to give  surprise to Sharda on mother’s day(surprise do not reveal)…..Sakshi inform Karan ,Latika and Chirag regarding the surprised plan on mother’s day for Sharda…..Sakhsi inform Suresh too for the plan but he do not react much…Dadi come to know regarding the plan and she give Sakshi a  heavy box (old picture)

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