Ekk Albela – Film Review

Ekk Albela – Film Review

Ekk Albela – Film Review – Two Superlative performers leave you Spellbound ! A Must Watch !!!


Film : Ekk Albela

Producer : Mangal Murti Films

Director : Shekhar Sartandel

Cast : Mangesh Desai & Vidya Balan in Special appearance

Genre : Marathi Social Biopic

Rating : 4 Star Rating =

In the history of Marathi cinema, “ Sairat “, has broken all the records per say and brought joy and cheer all around among the Marathi Film Fraternity and viewers all over. and here is yet an another attempt at a Biopic of Master legend of his time Bhagwan Dada as he was fondly addressed which calls for equal applause and appreciation in terms if not for collections as of now but the appeal it will generate all over the spectrum of society. Even when this so called social subject was attempted which was a huge risk considering Bhagwan Dada’s image of Superstar Actor Director of action films in the Golden era of Hindi films of 1950’s , There was lots of speculation and even the trade pundits of those times called it a harakari of sorts and had virtually written off the film, which could have finished Bhagwan Dada on all fronts. But as destiny wanted the film took everyone by surprise except for Dada himself who had tremendous faith in his product.The film turned out to be the Super Blockbuster of those times. Not only that when it was re released in the 1970’s it had its share of success even than which was unprecedented.

Bhagwandada who hailed from a small town went on to capture Bollywood of 50’s loaded with talent and unflinching passion and confidence, to take on the might of Raj Kapoor and Dev Anand who were the main stream celebs.

He was a trendsetter of sorts be it his fist fight action or his trademark  dancing style. Which even as of today is being emulated by his legion fans and artistes all over.

Now to bring this nostalgic period drama live back on screen was no mean task. Full credit to Director Shekhar Sartandel who seems to have left no stone unturned. As it appears He has visualized and researched to quite a good extent and tried to execute it with maximum precision and technique. His main task was completed when he did his casting, which came like blessing in disguise.

Mangesh Desai a powerhouse of talent got into the skin of the character with equal sincerity, jest and passion to bring alive the spirit of Bhagwan Dada, right there on the screen nearly cent percent to say the least. What an involvement ! Wow ! Just calls for Hats Off efforts undertaken with all the grit and determination at his disposal.

To add to his charishma what a superlative transformation from so affable, so loving Vidya Balan , getting into the looks and mannerism of the legendary Geeta Bali with great perfection and enthusiasm. Its sheer delight to watch these two huge bundle of talents dancing to the to the tunes of the evergreen chartbusters “Shola Jo Bhadke , Dil Mera Dhadke “ & “Bhole Surat dil Ke Khote , Naam Bade Aur Darshan Khote” composed by the yet another Music Maestro C Ramchandra, whose role in the success of Albela was no less as compared to all put together.

Now all the transformation and looks attributed to the characters is the magic of the make up artiste who deserves a special mention. He has done a very commendable job to near perfection. A sure shot deliverance.

A Must Watch ! Most Cherished ! Most Loved & Enjoyable Celluloid Creation !!!