Desh Ki Beti Nandini – Monday to Friday @ 9 p.m.

Desh Ki Beti Nandini – Monday to Friday @ 9 p.m.

Weekly synopsis for the week 27th January to 31st January.

Nandini manages both Rajasthan ki Jhanki and flag hoisting very well which impressses Ambika and makes Gayatri more upset. Nandini Nandini evolves a strong and responsible politician and everyone likes her. Nandini goes out with Rajveer and takes him to parathe gali. She helps him get away from the bodyguards, but gets scared on getting a call from the shooter. Nandini goes with jewellery to give to this guy in return for information on who shot Ravir, but gets caught between some goons. Rajveer saves her and when they reach home, Nandini is scolded by Gayatri.

We come to know thta Abhay was behind all this. Nandini also manages to get Rajveer enrolled in a music completion and places a bet with Gayatri such that if Rajveer does not win this competition, she gets her way with Rajveer; else no one can stop Rajveer from music. Also simultaneously, she addresses an issue of female infanticide and helps a party worker save her girl child.

 Episode 70, 28th January, Tuesday – Rajveer appreciates all her efforts and so does Ambika. She asks Nandini to take leave for a day and go and relax. Rajveer wants to take Nandini out and they end up going to the paratha stall where Nandini takes him after rescuing him from the constant watch from the security guards.  They have loads of fun, until Nandini gets a call from someone who tells her he has information about who shot Rajveer and will tell her only in exchange for some money.

Episode 71, 29th January, Wednesday- Nandini gets from the conversation that the shooter is in the same gali. She looks around and is really worried. She takes Rajveer away from there, but can’t tell anyone anything, not even Rajveer. Nandini is in a dilemma as to how to get so much money. She reaches home worried. Rajveer tries to help her thinking she is not well. In the middle of the night, Nandini tries to sneak out of the house with the jewelry to meet the shooter when he tells her the location. Rajveer sees her go and reaches in the nick of time to save her from the goons.

 Episode 72, 30th January, Thursday– Rajveer gets upset with Nandini for putting her safety at risk like this. Even Gayati is upset when she finds out. Here we reveal that the shooter was actually working for Abhay and because he did not get sufficient money, he planned on blackmailing Abhay this way. Everyone in the family is upset with Nandini for what she did. Meanwhile, another issue of female infanticide comes to Nandini’s notice and the target is one of the party workers of the woman wing.

 Episode 73,31st January, Friday Nandini rectifies the whole matter and stops his illegal act of aborting a girl child and sex determination before birth and saves a girl child from dying. Also Nandini has enrolled Rajveer in a music competition and Gayatri places a bet with Nandini that if he wins the competition, Gayatri will never stop him from music, and if he loses, Gayatri will get to involve him completely into politics away from music and Nandini shouldn’t stop her.

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