Desh Ki Beti Nandini – Monday – Thursday 9:30pm

Desh Ki Beti Nandini – Monday – Thursday 9:30pm

Ep 54 – Monday, 18th November

Saanchi breaks down infront of with aaji & nani for celebrating her birthday on the same day as her parents death anniversary. They try to explain to her but in vain. DV then takes her to the orphanage & makes her realize how she should change this sad memory into a happy one. Saanchi celebrates her birthday with the family. DV breaks into Saanchi’s room to tell her something important.

Ep 55 – Tuesday, 19th November

DV proposes marriage to Saanchi which she accepts. Saanchi is in an upbeat mood the next day which everyone notices. Aaji-nani ask DV to take Saanchi’s photo for the matrimonial site but Saanchi gets upset with DV. DV convinces her that he will talk to aaji-nani about their relationship.

Ep 56 – Wednesday, 20th November

DV tries to talk to aaji-nani but he can’t do so as Ulka comes there & blasts him for talking about wanting to be with an older woman. Saanchi gives DV 24 hours to talk to aaji-nani about them. DV finally musters up the courage & goes to Prabhu Niwas. Pradeep knocks down someone with his car. Just as DV is about to confess, Saanchi gets a call about Adu. She is shocked!

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