Dekha Ek Khawab 8:30pm – Sony Entertainm​ent Television (26th Apri)

Everybody is getting ready to leave for Devgrah, making all the preparations. Uday tells Unnnati that he will take Moniya in his car and that he was planning to surprise her and propose her in Devgarh. Unnati gets a bit worried but still supports her brother. Uday tells komal about taking Moniya with him in his car and komal gives her permission, which jay sees and gets jealous. Vijay taunts her and asks her to mend her ways but Jay retorts by saying that all was not over till the coronation and she will see to it that she gets the crown. She gives a wad of money to a creepy looking man and tells him to “make it look like and accident”.

Brijraj is a bit apprehensive about Moniya being crowned as she might not support his plans in the long term but Giriraj tells him that everything would work out.

Menka refuses to go to Devgarh since her son Vijay was not being crowned the prince and she is a bit pissed off with the idea of Moniya being the new princess. Raajmata feels sad on Realizing that the children of the family didn’t know how to accept defeat.

Tune In to Dekha Ek Khwaab on Sony Entertainment television on 26th April 2012