Crime Patrol – the original crime show

Crime Patrol – the original crime show

Sabak ek ko milta hai, seekh saare desh ko…12saal se crime ke khilaaf, Crime Patrol. 

It is said that self-realization is the first step towards erasing crime. Indian television’s foremost and longest running crime show, Crime Patrol on Sony Entertainment Television has been an eye-opener to millions. From teenage kids to house-wives, the show has successfully empowered people across age groups by creating awareness about the various atrocious crimes committed and justice that followed. Boasting of a loyal fan base for over a decade, the pioneer in the crime genre has completed 12 glorious years of spreading awareness and making their viewers alert.

Crime Patrol initially started with the motive of being an eye opener to the society of the heinous crimes being committed. With its recreation of real life incidents, credible research, extensive reach and immense popularity, the show steadily became the most popular show in its genre. After making a positive impact on an entire generation, Crime Patrol today has become a means of stopping potential wrong-doers from committing crimes.

Reinstating the trust showcased by the viewers, Sony Entertainment Television has come up with a new brand campaign which emphasizes on how Crime Patrol has led in bringing a moment of self-realization and fright for the potential criminals that convinced them to not to go ahead with their evil plans. Capturing the mindset beautifully in a short advertisement, the campaign went on air on 15th September, 2015 on the channel.

The Producer, Mr. Subramanian.S.Iyer said, I am extremely proud and honoured to be able to deliver a reality based crime show to the viewers which has presented the harsh facts of crime as well as shown positive stories and made people aware. Crime Patrol is the original crime show in India and it takes up the responsibility for keeping the society alert for the same.”

So watch Crime Patrol and stay satark, every Friday-Sunday at 11PM only on Sony Entertainment Television.