Crime Patrol -Friday to Sunday @ 11 p.m

Crime Patrol –Friday to Sunday @ 11 p.m

Friday, October 11, and Saturday, October

Abbas, a garment store owner in Delhi, leaves on the morning of 27th August, 2013, as usual. His wife, Nupur and 3 year old son Raju are at home. Their maid Vandana, comes home at her regular time. And at 11.20 two men come knocking on the door. At 11.45, the maid Vandana calls Abbas frantically asking him to come home. Abbas rushing home to find his wife Nupur murdered, Vandana in shock and his son Raju missing. The police arrive on the scene. Abbas is not in a condition to speak. From Vandana, the police gather that the two men who came at 11.20, held Vandana at knife point and then one of them barged into the room of Nupur where she was with Raju. All that Vandana knows is that..the second man then came out with Raju wrapped in a bedsheet, having ransacked the cupboard of its jewelery and cash. Then the two men, took out all the mobile phones kept in the front room desk and left telling Vandana to communicate to Abbas, that if he wants Raju back he will have to keep 25 lakhs ready. The police are baffled. A broad daylight murder yet none of the neighbors didn’t hear any shrieks. No one saw the two men leave with Raju. Nupur’s body is sent for post mortem which reveals that she was strangulated to death and then stabbed and injected with poison. There are also traces of chlorofoam found in her which draws the police to believe that she could have been strangulated after being subjected to chlorofoam inhalation and the same could have been done with Raju, because of which neither Nupur screamed or struggled nor Raju. Abbas finally speaks at the police station though he is grief stricken and is not able to give any lead. The numerous mobile phones at his house is revealed to be the second hand mobile phones that Abbas had in his possession after shutting down his mobile repair shop four months back. The kidnappers have asked for 25 lakhs, would Abbas have such kind of money. Abbas reveals that four months back he had 45 lakhs with which he started his garment store. The 45 lakhs was given to him by his father in law, Nupur’s father. From the neighbors the police learn that Nupur’s father, Pankaj Jha and mother Gayatri Jha, visited the couple regularly. Not the same case with Abbas’s father. The neighbors reveal that it’s only after some time that the neighbors learnt that Nupur and Abbas’s marriage was a love affair and an inter religion marriage. Does this past of their lives have anything to do with the killing and Raju’s abduction? Abbas, while at the police station receives a call on his cell and to his shock the name flashing is that of Nupur. The call is from one of the abductors who again demands 25 lakhs ransom for Raju. The abductor has in his possession Nupur’s phone. The police suspect some internal play in this crime. Vandana, the maid is thoroughly interrogated and kept on surveillance. Even Abbas is looked at as a suspect. But as the police dig Abbas and Nupur’s past, they learn that theirs is a love affair that had the sanction of both the families. Abbas’s father Rasool Mohammed and Nupur’s father Pankaj Jha, belong to Dhanbad and have been friends and partners in work for years. Nupur and Abbas know each other since childhood. When their childhood friendship grew into love, the families were worried. They didn’t belong to the same religion and it would not be accepted in society. Nupur and Abbas accepted their parents decision and did not revolt. They moved on with life, remaining friends, pledging they will never marry anyone else. Finally a few years later, Abbas and Nupur’s family relented, realizing their children have a right to their happiness. The police are baffled. There is nothing that is showing any internal involvement in the crime, though there is no evidence of it being a stray robbery case either. The way Nupur was killed, looks like the intent was that of killing her. And why was Vandana, the maid spared? An informer brings in the most vital clue to the case. The presence of a third person in the crime. The sketches of the two culprits are recognized by a carpenter who had accidentally bumped into them. As per him, there was a third person also, wearing a helmet and all three were on a bike. From the carpenter the lead reaches a pan wala three lanes away from Abbas’s house who has a clue as to who the third man is. Who is the third man involved in the crime? The paanwala identifies the third man as Shivraj who was a worker at Abbas’s shop. Where was Raju, the child? An ex-employee of Abbas, Shivraj was spotted along with the two other culprits who killed Nupur and left with the child. How was he involved? What was the crime all about? The investigations was not throwing up a single clue about Raju’s whereabouts nor anything about the motive of the crime and who were all involved in it? The jigsaw puzzle was getting more and more intricate. Was it purely greed that was the motive behind this crime? Would that drive a person to kill an innocent woman? And that too with a clear intent where she was strangulated then stabbed and then injected with poisonous substance to ensure she doesn’t survive? Shivraj was finally caught by the police and he confessed to the crime. Shivraj dodnt like that fact that Abbas had decided to shut shop and leave him without a job. Accoding to him, Abbas could’ve offered him a job in his new business venture but he didn’t. Without a job, Shivraj felt neglected and betrayed and he blamed it all on Abbas. Frustrated, he hatched a plan to ransack Ababs’s house that day and after having looted the money and jewelery, Abbas’s wife became the victim of their greed and ended up getting killed. The three accused are currently in judicial custody. The police is in the process of filing the charge sheet. Was Shivraj’s anger with Abbas justified? And even if he was frustrated not getting a job what was he to gain killing an innocent woman? Was the child responsible in any way for what his anger with Abbas was for?

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